What is Livin’ Bend Clotheslines?

Livin’ Bend Clothelines was created by the mother-daughter team of Julie and Skye Burket. They wanted to create a clothing and product line that would represent what it’s like to live in beautiful Bend, OR.

They work with local designers to create amazing logos. Local printers produce the product. And several local shops support Livin’ Bend Clotheslines by selling product or hosting pop up shops.

Bottom line, the shirts, hoodies, hats and more are meant to showcase the great things about livin’ the Bend lifestyle!

Ky H

My favorite Livin’ Bend product so far is the Good Eats Beer Treats tee because not only is it comfy, its true! There’s great places to eat and even better beer around town to go with it.

Sam R

Livin’ Bend products are great quality and so comfortable.

Dawn S

I just got a mountain biking shirt. It’s great because it’s high quality, breathable fabric so I don’t sweat to death!

Misty C

Only Bend would have a dog park on prime river front property. You can tell the Livin’ Bend owners love dogs too.

Marina J

I think it’s cool that Livin’ Bend has an LGBTQ shirt, I’d like to believe that people here are all about equality and acceptance and that’s why I’m proud to be a Bendite.

Peter J

Bend is bad ass and Livin’ Bend products do an amazing job reflecting that!

Emma B

I bought my husband a Good Eats Beer Treats shirt. When we’re out and about in Seattle, he gets tons of compliments on it!

Diana B

I’m from Bigfork, Montana and was in Bend a few months back to go to Summerfest. I bought a Livin’ Bend, Shred, Rip, Soar hoodie to wear under my snowboarding coat. It’s totally cool.

Nicholas G

I love Livin’ Bend because they have products that suit everyone’s interests and hobbies in Bend! I’m excited to see what’s in the pipeline.